Golf Day Information

You will want to know the type of golf game, the rules, the handicapping system, and the teams that will be playing on the day. The names of the players in the teams will be posted on this site after registrations close - check the timetable for details. Photos and results will be available too.

Type of Golf Game

The game for this event will be known as 4-Person Ambrose Competition. "Ambrose Competition" is another name for a scramble, but one in which a team handicap is used. Players tee off in groups of four, known as teams. The best shot is selected and the four players in the team hit again from that same spot. The best second shot is selected, and players hit from that same spot, and so on until the ball is holed.

Normally, the handicaps used in 4-Person Ambrose are a fraction of the total handicaps of the team members serving as one handicap for the team. The handicaps of the four players are added together and divided by 8. For putt4dough we use the Joondalup Country Club's Revolutionary Handicapping System to determine the handicaps.

Remember this event is about raising funds, meeting people, and having some fun.

Complaints and Challenges

Any complaints about the results will only be considered if supported by ALL members of the group in which the complainant played. Even then absolute discretion remains with the organisers. The organisers decision is final and not subject to further challenge. If you feel the need to challenge, you may have lost the point!

On Course Fines

To boost the fund raising total every player will be subject to on course fines. All players are encouraged to keep a watch out for any of the listed fines. Course superintendants, sponsors, and other officials may also levy fines when they catch you out!

A fines list will be provided on the day.

This is a CHARITY event and is totally subject to an Honour System; you know if you should pay up so get into the spirit and do the right thing; it is inevitable that if you don't, word will get around how tight you are!


During the game please observe the following etiquette:

  • Silence when another player is taking their shot;
  • Repair your pitch marks on the putting greens;
  • Play ready golf (which means if you're ready to play your shot before the player whose shot it is, play your shot);
  • Cut-In divots - but try to leave gardening for home!
  • Move promptly from shot to shot. Remember that slow play is catching and there is drink and food waiting for all of us; 5 minutes maximum per team looking for a ball.


The teams are nominated by registered players or sponsors who wish to play together or by the organisers who will select from the database containing all registered players using handicaps to balance the field.


The timetable gives you the time for everything leading up to the game and afterwards in the presentation room. We will do our utmost to stick to the timetable, so we ask that you do the same.


Prizes will be announced during dinner. Failure to be there to collect may not be wise - our auctioneer loves left over prizes to help raise more money!