PMH Experiences by Greg Davidson

As experienced by Greg Davidson – CEO of TSA Corporation Pty Ltd one of the sponsor of this event.

My 12 year old son had a skateboarding accident in September 2011where he fell back landing on his head.  No visual signs of bleeding, but appeared to be suffering slight concussions affects and headaches.  My wife Nada, took him to PMH Thursday night where they diligently observed him for 3-4 hrs, then due to a reluctance to do a full head scan on a 12 year old because of level of radiation involved they let him go home about 9:30pm that night.
He went home with strict instructions on observation and waking him up every 1 hour with instructions to test for disorientation, also a huge list on possible side effects.  He covered a large percentage of these overnight including constant vomiting which progressed to vomiting blood consistently.  This resulted in taking him back to PMH early Friday morning.
At this stage PMH became concerned enough to demand a scan, which discovered a large skull fracture behind the right hand ear.  This brought immediate concerns of brain damage resulting from swelling and blood clots and demanded orientation tests every 1 - 2 hours for the next 3 – 4 days whilst locked into a PMH bed.  By this stage his vomiting of blood increased dramatically caused from internal blood leakage which resulted in tearing the inner stomach linings requiring drastic medication to cease vomiting before huge stomach damage occurred.  They made a bedside bed available for my wife to stay in the hospital during this period.

A neuro-surgeon was basically on standby during this whole period because of the brain damage concerns that could still occur if swelling around the brain, blood clotting or leakage between the brain membrane and skull potentially causing complications that would require immediate surgery.  Allegedly much of this was undiscoverable without the constant disorientation tests without constant scanning where the radiation tests could have huge side effects.
All the staff at PMH where excellent not only with my son Timothy, but my wife and the rest of our family providing a humorous and friendly professional service environment that emulated nothing was too much trouble.  An approach that was critical during a time of so much stress and concern of the unknown for all of our family. 
This event highlighted the need for facilities and quality staff to ensure our kids have the best possible chances to live to adulthood no matter what occurs, this is a just a small example for needing these critical facilities when we least expected to need them.  PMH provides essential life saving facilities for all Western Australian children and their families, we would encourage anybody that can afford to donate to PMH via this charity event to please do so.