Winners - putt4dough 2014

With a net score of 58.56, our 2014 champion golfers are Garry Martin, Michael Pascoe, John Cameron, and Tony Inga, who combined to take out first prize in the putt4dough 2014 IT Charity Golf Day.

All The Results

The players played under the 4-Person Ambrose Competition rules and we used the Joondalup Golf Club's Revolutionary Handicapping System for the day. And the results...

Prize Score Player1 Player2 Player3 Player4
1st 58.56 Gary Martin Michael Pascoe John Cameron Tony Inga
2nd 58.71 Brian Lee John Czerw Chris Lee
3rd 58.87 Justin Curle Jim Hall Michael Davila LanceBrockway
4th 59 Tony Harris Martin Appleton Blake Taylor David Taylor
5th 59.06 Ian Sloan Geoff White Roger Parenzee Mark Birkinshaw
6th 59.25 James Wakefield Mark Jones Chris Watson Mike Nunn
7th 59.4 Ian Lord Ben Brophy Justin Scanlan Brian Briscoe
2nd Last 66.65 Brian Hawkins Slade Moses George Hewitt Nick Currie
Last 67.06 Amanda Toogood Andrew Garside Josh Horneman
NTP Quarry 3 Paul Wilkinson
NTP Lake 8 Blake Taylor HOLE-IN-ONE
NTP Dune 7 James Hill
Longest Drive Quarry 8 Chris Lee
Longest Drive Lake 7 Justin Curle
Longest Drive Dune 5 Garry Martin